Stair Nosing

stair nosing brought to you by Pathfindersystems are an ideal stair compliment.

Pathfinder Systems Australia provides non-slip stair tread nosings for internal and external applications. Aluminium base extrusions are available in either hard finish, anodised colours or powder coated finish. Specialised fitting screws are concealed by non-slip PVC, Carborundum or Photo-luminescent Insert. Base and Insert colours can be mixed and matched.


  • Pathfinder Systems Australia non-slip stair tread nosings for internal and external applications. Aluminium base extrusions available in a variety of finishes.
  • Slim-Line floor cover strips with secret fittings have been designed for smooth transition between different flooring surfaces.
  • Anti-slip tape can either be applied as a stand-alone slip prevention measure or can be incorporated into our SC4 or SC2 Stair Nosing profiles.
  • Photo luminescent anti-slip stair nosings provide the usual function of step protection in addition to emitting a high intensity glow during power failures & emergency evacuations.
  • SC-R ™ anti-slip strips for serious slip protection of ramps or other slippery surfaces. Suitable for use in the most demanding situations. AS1428.1:2009 Design for Access and Mobility compliant.
  • Pathfinder Systems Australia SC-R 508 inlay is suitable for installation in pre-grooved timber or concrete stairs. The inlay is 50mm wide and 8mm thick with a very hard wearing silicon oxide anti slip grit. AS1428.1:2009 Design for Access and Mobility compliant.



This stair tread compliments our SC4 tread. It has a shorter step surface than the SC4 and is available with either a PVC or carborundum insert.  It is suitable for hard surface stairs offering very good anti-slip protection. The SC2 is mainly used for commercial and industrial applications such as schools, shops, factories and hospitals.


This stair tread is applied to any hard surface step edge, brick, tile, concrete, steel, timber, terrazzo, vinyl, carpet tiles or dense carpets. Indoors or outside the tread provides slip protection and covers damaged edges. The SC3 is an ideal tread for fire stairs, foyer entrance stairs, railway stations, industrial stairs, or any other step that requires highlighting and non-slip protection.


This stair tread is used indoors with PVC, or outdoors with carborundum inserts on dense carpet, carpet tiles, or any hard surface step, such as timber, vinyl, ceramic tiles and terrazzo, that require an architectural finish as well as added step protection and safety. Typical applications for the SC4 tread are restaurants, hospitals, kitchens, commercial and industrial steps.


SC6 this versatile stair tread is particularly suitable for carpeted stairs, but also adapts well to hard surface steps such as terrazzo, tile, steel or timber. SC6 is an ideal profile to use in commercial buildings, apartment blocks, theatres, restaurants, clubs, pubs, offices, schools and other high traffic areas


The SC8 stair tread nosing has been specifically designed to comply with the new requirements of AS1428.1:2009 Design for Access and Mobility. The insert is a composite material with hard .wearing silicon oxide anti slip grit. Applications for the SC8 stair nosing are hard surface stairs in commercial and industrial environments.


SC-R is a composite fiberglass reinforced material with a hard wearing silicon oxide anti-slip grit. SC-R 70 # 7 has a standard grit and is suitable for use in commercial applications such as car parks, sporting arenas or steps that are exposed to the elements. The materials offer excellent resistance to saltwater.


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