Epoxymix Very Strong Bond: Repair Epoxy Putty

Epoxymix Very Strong Bond Repair Epoxy Putty, brought to you by Pathfinder Systems Australia is an ideal product for bonding stone and marble, etc and can be used as a repair epoxy for fixing step nosings, etc.

The system is available in a 2 part (A & B) tub system (2.5kg each tub)

The Repair Epoxy Putty
  • Is an innovative solution
  • Easily applied with minimal down time required
  • Very hard wearing and durable


  • The Pathfinder Epoxymix Very Strong Bond Repair Epoxy Putty has been designed for strong adhesion
  • Suitable for internal and external use
  • Products are manufactured to be fully compliant to the relevant Standards covering Adhesives
  • Products are tested through an accredited body to confirm compliance
  • Warranty is provided for both product and installation (through an accredited installer)
  • Suitable for many applications:
    Bonds with dimension stone, marble and like materials, sheet metal and stair nosing
    Adhesive levelling/patching compound for concrete, mortar, renderings, steel
    Bonding and fixing sheet metal, latch and screw under dry conditions
    Firmly bonding ceramic tiles
    Bonding cement walls with dimension stone
    On-site repairs


  • May be used for bonding or repair applications
  • Able to be mixed to sand and cement
  • Quick set
  • Negligible shrinkage
  • Perfect for vertical, horizontal and overhead areas
  • High strength adhesive – one of the strongest in the industry


Specification sheet currently unavailable.


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Epoxymix Repair Epoxy Putty Technical Data Sheet

Epoxymix Repair Epoxy Putty Hazard Sheet A

Epoxymix Repair Epoxy Putty Hazard Sheet B

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