Step treads

Pathfinder Step Treads are an ideal stair complement. The treads can be used to enhance existing stairs or stair wells, offer excellent slip resistance to the edge of the step as well as protecting the edge from wear.

Pathfinder Step Treads eliminates the painting of stair edges. The treads are hard wearing with good abrasive strength.

The treads are virtually maintenance free, needing no more then a stiff brush to clean and are very easy to replace or change as required.


dimensions Length

(a)1200mm L x  50mm W  x height: 3mm (b)600mm L x 50mm W  x height 3mm


(a)High impact strength PVC base, withP.U. insert
(b)P.U. profile with non-slip texture surface
Polyurethane, providing excellent slip resistance,
superb abrasion resistance and UV stability.

profile types

(a)Base profile with Bladed shaft  with non – slip  50mm P.U Insert.
(b)P.U. base with non-slip texture surface or Stainless Steel anti-slip disc inserted to give extra grip

slip resistance

Pathfinder Step Treads provide excellent slip resistance and have been tested to AS/NZS 4586:1999 by the CSIRO, test number 2466-04s achieving an R11 rating.

chemical resistance

Pathfinder Step Treads are resistant to most common acids, alkalis, oils and greases.


Must be in accordance with PFSA installation instructions. Pathfinder Step Treads are suitable for internal and external applications.

australian standards

Pathfinder Step Treads complies with AS/NZS 1428.1 &2, for luminance contrast and slip resistance.


PFSA warrants all their products within the terms of PFSA standard warranty, against specific suitable installations when installed correctly as per PFSA installation procedure.

Consult your distributor / installer for any specific test reports if required.