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Tactile indicators - Polyurethane

Pathfinder Tactile Indicators are an innovated solution for all substrates, required to have Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI)
They conform to AS1428.4 2002.
Pathfinder Tactile Indicators are easily installed on most substrates with little down time required, very hard wearing and durable.
They are available in a large range of high luminance colours and a customised colour service is available to match existing environments or decors.
Tactile Indicator Patents– Bladed Shaft  Australian Patent 731230, European Patent 1058754
US Patent 6,709,191  New Zealand Patent 506490 Canadian Patent Pending

Luminance Contrast Results

Pathfinder Tactile Indicators for safety, dignity and independence are an innovative tactile solution

Polyurethane Discrete Tactile Bladed Shaft

Polyurethane Single Star Shaft

Stainless on Polyurethane Shaft